The most effective way to establish the impact that the built environment has on disabled people is to undertake an Access Audit. A Configure Access Audit provides a clear and thorough review of any access issues facing people with a range of different abilities in respect of sight, hearing, mobility and manual dexterity when accessing goods and services. An audit enables informed decision making about any adjustments required and aids the formulation of a plan of action for the future.

Access Audits are carried out on-site by experienced auditors using SMART Audit DDA software, our own bespoke audit tool. Recorded data and referenced photographs are compiled from data captured on-site into a comprehensive Accessibility Report. The Action Plan is presented in a tabulated format and provides a list of recommended adjustments, prioritised actions and indicative costs for any issues identified.

Your audit report can be viewed on-line on the secure SMART Audit web-site and the information kept up to date as you make adjustments, eliminating the need to carry out future audits. Uniquely, as legislation changes and the Act is defined by the Courts, we’ll advise you whether the prioritised recommendations contained within the Access Plan for each site have changed, ensuring that you always have the latest advice on how best to meet your obligations to provide equal access.

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