The Lift Up staircase is a new and revolutionary product providing optimum and unlimited accessibility for everybody. The design of the lift is based on an all-new and patented system which makes it possible to elevate and lower the staircase. This allows walking-impaired or people in wheelchairs to access a staircase and move from one level to another without assistance.

Responding to the market’s demands regarding use of space, functionality and safety, the Lift Up staircase fits elegantly into every building. Delivered in steel with steps and handrails provided in materials to match surrounding interior and architecture. The Lift Up staircase is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Steps and Handrails customisable
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Maximum lift height up to 1250mm
  • Infrared Movement Sensors
  • Malfunction Protection
  • Roll-off Protection

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