Revolutionising this valuable advertising space within public transport vehicles by allowing use of full motion video and audio. The use of advertising on public transport is not a new idea but the use of full motion adverts means that not only will you grab the viewers attention but retain it for longer. Live updates using mobile phone technology means the advertising messages have the ability to be altered instantly, even whilst vehicles are on the road, allowing adverts to be kept fresh and up-to date.

The Navaho MediaCAT player is specifically designed for use in automotive applications. With a wide voltage range, ignition controlled power supply, low power fanless design and anti-shock mounted hard drive, the Navaho MediaCAT is designed to survive the harshest environment found inside public vehicles. The Navaho MediaCAT player is available as an all-in-one solution with built in LCD display and audio amplifier or as a separate device capable of driving multiple displays and speakers.

For bus applications, a complete custom built chassis is available with integrated power management and screen control. The system features a dual channel announcement system that allows internal and external announcements to be initiated from driver control buttons on the dashboard. Integration of CCTV and Freeview feeds is also available in the UK.

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