In a recent survey by the Disability Rights Commission it found that "41% of disabled people valued a positive attitude above value for money". Training employees to provide equal access can deliver one of the biggest improvements in customer service. The Act makes specific provision for disabled people who suffer discrimination to claim compensation for injury to feelings or loss of dignity.

If you fail to provide adequate disability equality training to your employees, you may not be able to defend a claim in court for any discriminatory actions taken by them. Developed in consultation with training and disability awareness professionals to meet the needs of employers, Configure’s Interact training programme is a vital tool in the cost-effective training of employees.

The programme, which includes a learning handbook and training video/DVD featuring a series of short films narrated by Neil Morrissey, highlights examples of good and bad practice and demonstrates how employees can best provide equal access to disabled people. Employees test their knowledge by taking an online or paper-based assessment, with a certificate sent to everyone who successfully completes it.

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